Adding a shelf bra to the Key West Tank

Adding a shelf bra to the Key West Tank

I love the Key West tank. It’s my go to tank for the summer season (I know its not really summer yet, but its in the 80’s here in NM).  With the new Slim Fit option I knew I had to hack it to add a shelf bra so I could also sleep in it and be that much more comfortable!

So if you want to add a shelf bra to your key west tank, follow along 🙂

Free code in New Horizons Patterns Facebook group.

Print off your pattern in your size using the layer feature. That is truly the best feature ever created. Tape it together and cut out the option you want to add your shelf bra to. I chose the slim fit option.

Lay your front pattern piece on your shelf bra fabric. I cut 3” down from the shorten/lengthen line.  Do the same with the back pattern piece. If you have a larger bust then I would suggest adding more length. It is easier to remove later then to add more fabric 🙂

Cut out a front and back from your main pattern piece, as well as all your binding pieces.

Take your shelf bra pieces and place them right sides together and stitch at the shoulder and side seam.

Do the same with the main front and back bodice.

Try on your shelf bra and determine if you need to shorten it at all. I did not, I felt like mine was in an adequate place.

Take your elastic and wrap it around under your bust. Stretch so that its comfortable around your body but not too tight. We want some support without anything falling out 🙂

Overlap the ends of your elastic 3/8” and stitch.

Quarter your elastic and shelf bra.

Place elastic on the wrong side of the shelf bra aligning the edges.

Without cutting anything off, serge the raw edge stretching the elastic to fit the shelf bra.

Fold the elastic onto itself to create the casing.

With a stretch stitch, stitch in place stretching as you sew.

Place right side of shelf bra to wrong side of main bodice matching should and side seams.

Add your bands as the pattern instructs you too. Hem your tank and you are done!

There is also a girls version of the Key West Tank! This same method would work for it as well 🙂

Happy Sewing!

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