Beginner Sewing Series: Getting to know your machine and its stitches.

Hello Sewing friends! Jody here again.  I’ve previously been a guest here on the New Horizon’s blog with a couple pattern hacks…  but I’m back today with some info that every seamstress should start with: the basics!

I’m here to help everyone get to know their machine and go over some basic stitches.  Obviously, everyone out there has a different machine, and even machines of the same make and model can operate differently based on how heavily they are used, etc.  I have a Brother SE400, which is a computerized machine that also can function as a basic embroidery machine as well.  I’ve had this machine for almost 4 years now and it still works great! Some of what I will discuss is specific to my machine, but hopefully you can apply the same concepts to your own machine!