8 Favorite Fabric Companies and why we love them!

Hi! I’m Terra from New Horizons Designs. We just want to talk to you all today about fabric. One of the questions we hear a lot is “Where did you get that fabric?”. I know as we all look at these fun sewing patterns and envision making them for ourselves, the first thing we each have to decide is what fabric am I going to use? So, let’s talk about where we can get some amazing fabrics!


One of our absolute favorite places is So Sew English! They have a warehouse you can stop by and pick up your fabric, or for the rest of us, they have an online store. If you’re absolutely new to sewing apparel, or just new to all the different fabric types, they have this awesome swatch card you can get for $5. I would definitely recommend that! Sometimes seeing and feeling the fabric is the best way to know if it’s what you’re looking for.


Another great thing about So Sew English is their abundance of fabric types. You can get double brushed poly, single brushed poly, French terry, mvc, ity, rayon spandex, model spandex, and lots more! These are all stretch fabrics, but they also carry a little bit of non stretch fabrics for apparel as well. I’d have to say my favorite is probably their French terry, but that’s probably because I love hoodies and loungewear. French Terry is perfect for the Portlanders or the Caritas!