Bayside Romper Crossover Front Hack

For an awesome nursing option or just a lower front neckline, you can sew the crossover on the front as well as the back on the Bayside Romper.

First you’re going to print out and tape together both front and back bodice pieces. Then place the front bodice piece on top of the back bodice piece to create our new front piece. You’ll have to flip over the back piece so wrong side is up, that way the side seams are on the same side.

Next you’ll want to align it at the shoulders. You’ll notice the back bodice piece is taller than the front and don’t worry, it’s supposed to be that way. You’re going to copy the crossover curve and the short side under the curve. Do not copy the bottom of the back piece. The front bodice piece should remain shorter. However, you can check, they do match at the side seam.


Extend the short side of the bodice 1 3/8″ following the same diagonal path. So now your piece should be looking like this:

Now draw a new curved line from the bottom center of the bodice to the short side of the bodice. And you have your new piece!

Now for the binding. Lay your binding pattern piece flat and notice the shoulder mark on it.

The longer side of the piece is for the crossover back.

Because we’re now adding the crossover to the front, we’re going to want to cut off the shorter side of the piece which is the front neckline, and make the shoulder mark the new fold line. And you’ll want to cut two of these. 

And now you’re ready to get sewing!


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