How to adjust Kensington trousers for skinny kids

How to adjust Kensington trousers for skinny kids

If your kid is tall and skinny (Like my kids are), here is how to adjust the Kensington Trousers pattern for a perfect fit. Measure your childs height, waist, and hip. Compare it to the size chart located in the pattern. My daughters measurements are 37″ tall, 20″ waist, and 20 1/2″ hip. By height that makes her the size 3T. However, her waist and hip put her in the 12-18m size. Now some people will think that they can just cut the 12-18m size and add length. The problem with that is that the rise of the pant might end up being to short. So, what I would recommend is to cut the size of the height needed (In this case 3T), and adjust from there.  So lets start with the waistband piece.

Here it cut at a size 3T. Now we’re going to do a little math, don’t be scared. The waist measurement for a size 3T is 21 1/2, and her measurement is 20″. That leaves a difference of 1 1/2″. If, you divide that by 4, it equals 3/8″. What we want to do is remove 3/8″ from the width of each piece. So, take your waisband piece and around the center of it, mark two lines 3/8″ apart.

Now fold your piece together along the center of those two lines.

Then fold it back along one of the drawn lines.

Next, lay your piece flat, and fold so that both lines are overlapping. And then tape in place.

Ok, now do you see where the top and bottom now has an uneven cutting line? Go ahead and trim those to be smooth.

Now your waistband piece should look like this:

And then you need to do this to the front and back pants pieces as well.




Don’t forget to trim the top of both of those pieces as well to make them even.

And now you’re ready to cut your fabric!

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