Key West Tank Dress Hack

Summer time is here! I could not be more excited! This means loads and loads of Key West Tanks. So to keep up the appearance that I don’t just wear the same thing all the time. (who are we kidding, of course I do.) I turned the wonderful Key West Tank into a dress so I could bump up my casualness a notch 🙂

Don’t have the Key West yet? Not a problem, It’s free with a special code found in New Horizons Designs Facebook group.

You are going to need both the original and slim fit option for this. Print them both out in your size using the layers feature. You will need to print it out twice or cut out the original flowy option and fold/trim off down to the slim. But don’t throw away what you cut off.

You will also need some tracing paper or freezer paper.

Lay the front bodice from the slim fit tank onto your tracing paper and trace the top portion down to the crop tank line.

 Measure on your body from your arm pit down to where you want the dress to end. Mine was 28″ I took my tape measure down to my pattern/tracing paper and marked 28″ down from my armpit seam.

This is where you are going to need the original tank. Place the front bodice hem on your 28″ mark. Trace the curve of the original hem onto your paper.

Draw a line connecting where you stopped tracing on the top portion of the bodice down to your new hem line.

Repeat these steps to create a new back piece as well. Sew it together per the pattern instructions to finish off your new dress! Don’t forget to show us your creations with the #NHmaysewingcontest and enter our contest!

Happy Sewing!

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