Lisse Sew A Long! Day 1

Terra's Treasures Lisse Cowl and Hoodie

Hello and Welcome to the Lisse Sew A Long! My name is Julie and I am Terra’s Assistant! So Happy to meet you all!

If you haven’t Purchased your pattern yet hop on over here to get it! Its okay, We will wait for you!

We will be sewing from Monday Feb 1st thru Friday Feb 5th!

Day 1 We will be pre washing our fabrics, printing and cutting out the pattern, and cutting out our fabric!

Day 2 We will be sewing together our bodices, adding our eyelets and sewing our cowl/hood pieces together and to the bodice!

Day 3 We will be working on the lower portion of the bodice. Adding our pleats and sewing them to the back bodice!

Day 4 We will be hemming the lower Bodice and attaching the sleeves to the top bodice and sewing the top bodice together!

Day 5 We will be finishing up with sewing the bottom bodice to the Top bodice an adding our sleeve cuffs!


Pre wash your fabric!!! Best advice I have ever been given. It helps with the pre shrinking and will make a better fitting garment in the end!

Lisse Sewalong1

Gather your supplies. This should include your fabric, Pattern Pieces, Scissors (or rotary cutter and mat), and Weights or pins.

Lisse Sewalong2

Now I choose to do this on the floor because then I can lay out all my fabric and pattern Pieces and know that I will have enough space to cut out all my pieces.

Lisse Sewalong3

Once its all cut out make sure to go back to the original Post on Facebook and Post a picture of your fabric so we can all see what you have chosen!

Ill see you guys tomorrow for day 2!


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