Lisse Sew A long! Day 2

Lisse Sew A Long Day 2

If you Missed Day 1 That’s Okay. Just click Here and the link will take you to it so you can catch up!

Today we are going to be sewing the Bodice front and back together at the shoulder seams.

Adding our eyelets, Sewing the hood or cowl together and, sewing it to the bodice top around the neck hole!!

Lisse Sewalong1.1

Alright First things First. Get your Bodice back and Front Pieces together.

Lisse Sewalong2.2

Sew Them Right Sides together at the shoulder seams. Place a pin or clip in the center front and center back.

Lisse Sewalong3.2

Get your Cowl pieces or Hood Pieces together. I am lining my cowl piece so I cut out two of the same piece. If you are lining as well make sure you have two Cowl pieces, Or two Hood pieces.

Lisse Sewalong11.2 IMG_0616

Adding the eyelets. Transfer your marks from the pattern to the cowl or hood piece you are working with. Iron on your 1”x1” piece of interfacing onto the wrong side of the fabric so that the mark is in the center. Working on a hard surface (like the garage floor) Clip a small x where you markings are. Insert your eyelet and following the manufactures directions to attach your eyelet to the cowl or hood.

Lisse Sewalong4.2 Lisse Sewalong5.2

Since I am Lining my cowl. I am going to take a 1 1/4” Seam allowance just at the top. Sewing the two cowl Pieces Together.

If you are sewing the hood. Sew the Hood Main together at the top and back and sew the lining Together at top and back. Then Put them right sides together matching the seams at the top and bottom. Sew Together with a 1 1/4” seam allowance!  Trim to a 3/8” if not using a serger. Flip so that the right sides are facing out and top stitch 1” from the edge. Making the casing for the drawstring.

If you are not sewing with a lining. Follow the Directions with folding under 1/4” and then another 1” and top stitch.

Lisse Sewalong6.2 Lisse Sewalong7.2

For the Lined cowl. Unfold and then refold so that right sides are together and sew the back seam with the normal 3/8” seam allowance. Fold so that wrong sides are together and Top stitch with a 1″ Seam to create the casing for the Drawstring.

Lisse Sewalong8.2 Lisse Sewalong9.2

Pin Cowl or Hood to the Front Bodice. Matching front and back center seams.

Make sure that on the Hood the Overlapped edge meets the Shoulder Seam as per the Directions.

Lisse Sewalong10.2

Sew the Cowl or Hood to the Bodice with the normal 3/8” Seam Allowance.

That is it for today! See you tomorrow for Day 3.


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