Lisse Sew A Long! Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of the Lisse Sew A long!

If you missed Day 1 or Day 2 they are still there for you to look at and follow along with!!!

Alrighty, Today we will be making the Pleats on Front A , and sewing front A and B To the Back at the side seams!! Easy Day today!

Lisse Sewalong3.1

Gather Front A, Front B, and the Back piece.

Lisse Sewalong3.2

Mark your pleats where indicated On the pattern. Making sure that you are folding them the correct way. The pleats should fold towards the center on the right side of the Fabric. (don’t do like me and cut out your fabric backwards, whoops.) Baste in place within the seam allowance.

Lisse Sewalong3.3

Pin your front A and Front B with the Back piece along the side seams.

Lisse Sewalong3.4

Sew together with the normal 3/8” Seam allowance!

That’s it for today! See you all tomorrow for Day 4!!!

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