Lisse Sew A Long! Day 5

Today is Day 5 and our last day of the Lisse Hoodie and Cowl Sew A long!

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4 are still up on the Blog if you need them!

Today we will be finishing up with sewing the bottom bodice to the Top bodice, adding our sleeve cuffs and Drawstring!

Lisse Sewalong1.5 Lisse Sewalong2.5

Get your Bodice top and Bottom and pin them right sides together. Make sure that you are attaching the back to the bodice back and front to the bodice front. You will want the pleated Panel to be sandwiched in the middle.

Lisse Sewalong3.5 Lisse Sewalong4.5 Lisse Sewalong5.5

Now onto the cuffs. I am doing the regular cuffs so for those you would pin right sides together with the grain going up and down. Sew Both cuffs like this.

If you are doing the thumbhole cuff follow the Directions as written in the pattern.

Lisse Sewalong6.5

Fold the cuff onto itself with wrong sides touching.

Lisse Sewalong7.5

Put a pin in directly across from the seam. On both the cuff and the sleeve.

Pin the cuff and Sleeve right sides together stretching the cuff to fit the sleeve.  Sew together.

Thread the Drawstring into your Hood or Cowl.

Lisse Sewalong8.5

Hooray! We are done. Good Job everyone. Thanks for participating with me! I look forward to seeing your Beautiful Creations!! Now put it on a take a Picture!!!

Lisse Julie2

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