Manhattan Peplum with Horsehair Braid

Hello sewing folx!
I’m so excited to be here sharing my Manhattan High-Low Peplum with you today. I love all things vintage and inspired and this pattern is absolutely perfect for that. I’ve always loved the poof and drama that comes with vintage skirts and dresses but wearing a petticoat is not practical for me most of the time. So, I thought I would try horsehair braid. Y’all…’s my new favourite thing and I might use it all the time for everything! It’s not super difficult to use and adds SO MUCH drama and poof. I’m hooked. Here is what I did:
I made my Manhattan out of scuba because it’s a nice stiff fabric and I know it will take well to the added weight of the braid.  I had a few different varieties to choose from and I went with the one inch white because I wanted it to blend into my hem and not be visible. You can also buy it in black and tan.
When you are ready to hem, clip or pin your braid to the RIGHT side of the fabric.
I like to start on the side seam and then overlap the ends a little. You can also finish them with bias tape. I didn’t because I knew most of it would be hidden. If I were to use a wider braid, like 3 or more inches, I would finish it.
Sew your braid to your raw edge. Be VERY CAREFUL not to stretch it. The braid is very stretchy.
Once your braid is sewn in, flip your garment to the wrong side and pull the braid and the seam allowance up.
Then flip it up so the raw edge is hidden, clip and sew. I like to use a knit foot for these kinds of projects because it keeps things from moving around.
You’re all done! So with a few extra steps, you can take your hemline from this:
To this!
I think it’s totally worth the little bit of extra effort for the added wow factor.  I hope this little tutorial helps. I’m off to make another Manhattan, this time I’m thinking the full High-Low dress version, of course with more horsehair braid!
Thanks for hanging out with me!

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