Pier 7 top with Peblum Hack.

Pier 7 top with Peblum Hack.

I love knits! But sometimes I just want to use those gorgeous lightweight wovens for a top too!

So to make this top I started with the Pier 7 top. I only used the bodice pieces, and not the skirt pieces. For this one I fully lined it, but you certainly don’t have to. My woven fabric was just rather see-through.

So first I trimmed 7/8″ off the bottom of the bodice pieces.

Then I measured 2 ½” in from the center fold. This was to remove the pintucks, although you could certainly leave them.

Next I raised the neckline 3″. If you’re not fully lining this, make sure to raise the neckline on the facing piece too.

For the peblum skirt pieces, measure the bottom width of your bodice piece and multiply it by 1.5%.

That will be the width of your peblum pieces on the fold. Cut 2 pieces 15″ in length and your determined width.

Now take one of the pieces and create the high-low hem. This will be the front piece. Measure 6″ up from the bottom by the fold. Curve it down to meet the side hem.

Now sew the bodice according to the pattern directions. Then take the peblum skirt pieces and place them right sides together and sew along the sides. Then sew a long straight stitch along the top. Pull one thread to gently gather the top.

With the peblum skirt piece wrong side out, place the bodice inside the skirt, right sides together, aligning the raw edges. Stitch together.

Now hem the bottom with a ½” hem and you’re done!


  1. Mpcobb

    I have just bought the Riviera T and was trying to figure out the fabric requirements. My first one I just want to make a all one color T so do I add the short sleeve 3/8’s to the bodice 7/8’s together? Can’t wait to try it and the portlander pants. Thank you. Priscilla

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