Town Square Dress Sew Along Day 1

Alright it’s day one of the sew along! Woo! Here’s the schedule:

October 14th- Print, tape, cut pattern. Cut out the dress or top.

October 15th- Sew the bodice (End 1/2 way through page 10)

October 16th- Bindings and sleeves (Finish through page 14)

October 17th- Sew flounce, skirt, band, or just hem

October 20th- Drawing for prize. Have finished top/dress added to Facebook album


Ok so today we’re cutting and taping.


There’s an awesome feature where you can print just the desired size if you so choose. (I did so choose ;)) You just unclick all the sizes you would like not to print. And just leave the size you want. Make sure to leave the layers titled text, page numbers, and borders clicked. You want those printed on your size.

print layers

Alright, lets get sewing!