Tami Revolution Off The Shoulder Hack

Jessica, from Sew Cute Bowtique, is here today to share her Tami Revolution Off the Shoulder hack with you.

I am so in love with the fit of my Tami Hoodie. I love how fitted it is, and the way it hugs curves. And because I love the fit so much, I wanted to figure out a way to utilize it as a shirt as well as a hoodie. I wanted something different then your typical raglan top, so I decided to try an off the shoulder look, but only wanted one shoulder to be exposed. It took a little bit of trial and error before I figured it out, but once I did I knew several more would be making it into my closet. I have received a lot of comments and messages about how I achieve this look, so today I’m going to show you how you can achieve this look with your Tami Hoodie pattern. The first thing you’re going to do is select your size according to the pattern measurements, then print and cut your pattern. Next, you will cut out the front bodice, back bodice, sleeves, sleeve cuffs, and waistband (basically all pattern pieces but the hood) from your fabric. Assemble your top the way you would if you were sewing a hoodie, completing all steps. Stop when you get to the last part – your “neckband” – this is where you would have attached your hood. And this is what your top should look like.

At this point you will measure 4 in down one shoulder, and 1in down the other shoulder.  You will then cut your neckline from the 4 in mark all the way around to your 1 in mark. This is not an exact science, and you will sort of eyeball the cutline. The measurements are also not an exact science either. This is where I like my neckline to hang on my off-the-shoulder Tami, but if you want it to hang lower or higher than 4in then you can make that adjustment. After you make the cut your top will look similar to this.

Next you will measure the opening and multiply by 0.85 to get the length of your neckband. I cut mine at 2.5in tall. I quarter my neckband, and the opening of the top, and then attach the neckband as I would a normal top. Ta-Da!


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  1. sajaboring

    Awesome job, Jessica! I’ve followed many of your makes; and this is just one more that I love! I love the Tami pattern and can’t wait to give this hack a try!! Thanks!

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